VCmd script to compile current file and build a project

2018-04-08 09:27:12 Coding C# Visual Studio

Useful for CUDA development, since VS somehow does not monitor the changes in CU files.


Optimizing C# reflection method calls

2017-03-08 14:35:20 Coding C#

TL;DR: Func<> and Action<> instead of MethodInfo.Invoke runs 50 times faster

I can recall the excitement when I first learnt about reflection in C#. At that time my programming experience was limited to basic VB6 and C, so being able to browse type information was completely new to me. I was shocked and inspired by the possiblities that reflection can bring.

Reflection enables a lot of applications. For example, GameObject.SendMessage in Unity is fulfilled by finding the method with a name via reflection and then invoking it. Another important application is generic serializers. Without reflection, serializing objects will involve the pain of writing similar routines for every class[1]. Generic serializers like XmlSerializer and BinaryFormatter have saved a huge amount of development effort.

[1] Or some messy template and macro magic in C++ – see this StackOverflow answer for more.

However, we may overlook the performance cost as we enjoy the convenience. The rest of this post measures the reflection method calls in C#, and propose an optimization with delegate.